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10 ONLINE LESSONS w/ free vector graphics editor software download


Create Assets for Businesses       

Lesson 1: Asset Creation

Lesson 2: Learn about Color Theory

Lesson 3: Learn to create a Logo

Lesson 4: Create a Color Palette and watermark

Lesson 5: Create Business Cards

Lesson 6: Create Post Cards / Mailers

Lesson 7: Create Lawn signs

Lesson 8: Create a Banner

Lesson 9: Create Vehicle Graphics

Lesson 10: Create Apparel 

Bonus Lesson: Learn about file types, PDF, PNG, JPEG and EPS

After your 10 Lessons you will be ready and able to take any company from the ground up. You will be able to create timeless logo's and all sorts of different marketing and advertising materials. You will have skills that it takes years to learn! You are the DESIGNER...have fun!

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Bonnie Pellerin

Bonnie Pellerin